Wordless Wednesday – Sleeping and Healing

sleeping ethan 4 year old


dog bite healing 2 days after

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  1. LaVonne
    Twitter: longwait4bella

    Hope your little one heals well! That sleeping picture? A thumb in his mouth? So cute!!!
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  2. So, Alana just got nipped by one of my sister’s Maltese dogs, her fave one. I had to show her this pic so she could understand that she needs to stop being so controlling with her ;( Hope she’s healing well.
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  3. Hi, I was wondering if you had any update blogs on your daughter after the dog bite? Our dog just recently bit our 14 month old in the face and she too had a plastic surgeon stitch her up. The first couple days were awful! πŸ™ how did it end up for your daughter? Did you do any further treatment for scaring? Thank you, Holly

  4. Adding another comment so I get notified if you writes back πŸ™‚

  5. Thanks! I did find some pictures of your daughter that look recent. She looks great and those cuts look like they were pretty significant. That gives me hope. Ours are still pretty new, 2 weeks old, and it’s hard to picture her looking better! When I take her out people ask if she fell or got poison ivy. Maybe you can share some of what you did or used to help her heal. πŸ™‚ it’s been such a hard thing to go through, a nightmare.

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