Wine with Ease {Ozeri #NoiseGirls Review}

I’m not sure if you can tell from recent posts but I love to host parties and have friends and family over for playdates, dinners, and just about everything in between. While most of my home gatherings are for the 5 and under crowd, every so often I get the girls over for a nice night in. And when we come together that usually means two things: wine and talk.

While I normally wouldn’t drink wine at home (because my husband doesn’t care much for it) I do love offering it while entertaining. And my Ozeri Prestige Electric Wine Bottle Opener makes this a whole lot easier!

I was amazed at how easy it was to use my Ozeri wine opener. With a simple push of a button my wine was uncorked and ready to serve. And with the handy foil cutter I didn’t have to ruin my nails taking the foil off beforehand.

I do have to confess something… I had no idea about aerators before I started using the aerating pourer that came with the wine opener. I’m the wine drinker who will drink whatever you hand to her, no special nose or palette for the differences between this year and that grape. So learning about letting the wine breath before serving, and knowing when and how long to do this, was pretty interesting.

Not only is this wine opener easy to use, it’s fun as well! And definitely a conversation starter. Unlike my simple poke and twist opener, this one is cool to use in front of others and always gets a comment or two when I use it. And I can simply place it back on the base when I’m done using it to charge up for the next party. The sleek and slender design makes it easy to keep on the counter without getting in the way and can easily be stored in the cupboard when it doesn’t need to be charging.

I’m currently storing mine at my brother-in-law’s house. He just got married and will definitely be using the wine opener more than me when he returns from his honeymoon. And he’s conveniently located right across the street from us so I can grab it to use for future parties. 

If you’re a wine drinker, or love entertaining, then I highly suggest checking out the Ozeri Prestige Electric Wine Bottle Opener. And for more information about Ozeri be sure to check out their Facebook page. They have a lot of fun and helpful tools for the kitchen and beyond! I’m eyeing their Moderna 8 oz Thermo Glasses for my husband for Father’s Day.

Want to win an Ozeri wine opener of your own? Look below for details!

Ozeri has been kind enough to offer one lucky winner an Ozeri Prestige Electric Wine Bottle Opener of their own in the Noise Girls’ Around The House giveaway event.

The giveaway event will be held from June 25th to July 16th and will include multiple packages valued at over $3,500! Make sure to head back and enter to WIN one of these amazing prize packages.

Disclaimer: I received an Ozeri Prestige electric wine opener for review purposes only. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. 

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  1. We don’t drink wine either, but it does look like a neat gadget.

  2. Melanie Ski says:

    We don’t drink much wine, but this sure looks like a neat gadget!!

  3. Tiffany Revels says:

    I really need one of these. We are big wine drinkers here.

  4. Every time I see something on your blog, I have to have it! This seems like sort of a “luxury item” but it is affordable and something fun to have around!

    PS- I’m really terrible at opening wine, so I think I NEED this. lol

  5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  6. I don’t drink wine but I love gadgets! This one would look great in my dining room!

  7. abrosius says:

    The few times that I drank wine I had a lot of trouble opening the bottle. This would come in handy for my next trial.

  8. Jennifer Hiles says:

    Now this item could make life easier. I’m not much of a drinker but everytime I get a bottle of wine I have to ask my husband to open it. If he’s not home I normally end up with half the cork gone and the rest floating in the bottle!

  9. Kay Maher says:

    I love it! I don’t drink wine, but I do use it for cooking. I hate ruining wine by chipping up the cork into it.

  10. Rachel McGuire says:

    This tool would save me so much time, not to mention so many head aches. lol. I would love to get one of these. PS: swing by my blog sometime if you would Would love to have a new follower too. @A Moms Rantings

  11. Cheryl Free says:

    Sounds like a wonderfully easy way to open wine bottles 🙂

  12. Lori Thomas says:

    We do have bar in our basement/family room. Would be nice to add this.

  13. USCGWifey says:

    Wow thats pretty niffty

  14. This would be the perfect gift for one of my best friends. I drink some wine, but she drinks some WINE!

  15. tami stasko says:

    I don’t drink wine but I have frineds that would love this for a gift

  16. This looks so handy–I know I’ve shredded many a cork trying to get wine open!

  17. Ruth Hill says:

    Great for holidays when the wine is flowing.

  18. my daughter & her husband like wine and would use it for sure…great gift idea!

  19. I love wine, and this would make opening alot easier, how neat

  20. Stephanie H. says:

    I love how this gadget works I have a friend that would love this I do not drink wine but It would make a great present

  21. Chisum Crew says:

    HUbby is an avid wine drinker and would find this handy. Rafflecopter: happi shopr

  22. Heather! says:

    Oh, how clever! This would make a fantastic gift for a wine lover…like my hubby!! 🙂

    h4schaffer at gmail dot com

  23. Tami Valentine says:

    I like to drink wine with my dinner. I can never open the bottle myself. This would be awesome to have!

  24. wcaligirl says:

    we drink wine and this would be great to have

  25. My sister has one of these and she LOVES it! What a great product for wine drinkers!

  26. jill24295 says:

    My husband and I love wine. When we renovated our kitchen, we built the entire concept around it. We’ve seen these openers several times and have often commented how cool it would be to own one!

  27. Meghan Finley says:

    This would be awesome to have. Love how easy it looks

  28. Vesta Mason says:

    I like that it is not only a neat functional item, but that it also is very attractive and would look nice on your counter top!

  29. Denise M says:

    loooks so easy to use

  30. Danielle PB says:

    We drink wine occasionally. This would be a great thing to have on-hand seeing as I’ve been known to get bits of cork in the wine before!

  31. bellsam says:

    It really is horrible when you have bits of cork in your glass of wine

  32. Seyma Bennett Shabbir says:

    We don’t drink wine but it would make a great gift!

  33. Kat's Fantastical World says:

    My mom would love that. She always losses her wine openers and resorts to stabbing the corks in order to get them out of the bottle. LOL

    Katie Wurn

  34. CHELESA sims says:

    I love wine ,my husband is more of a beer drink. Well however the little this .It look sleek and sophisticated and i think it would encourage my husband to buy wine,hee hee!

  35. MommaMary says:

    I would love to have one of these. No more struggling with getting the cork out by hand.

  36. TinyTyrant says:

    I can see myself giving this along with some wine as a wedding gift… How great it would be for entertaining!

  37. Sherry Compton says:

    We aren’t much of wine drinkers at my house, but we do have some occasionally. It’s awful as we all struggle to get the cork out. This sounds so much easier.

  38. naomi c says:

    what a fun kitchen gadget to have – no more struggle with the cork (and fear of where it might end up)

  39. reignbough1973 says:

    I love wine, but my husband can’t drink it (he prefers beer anyway). LOL But I’d love to try this!

  40. Sweetkisses13 says:

    This would make anyone who drinks wine life easier. It’s such a pretty opener.

  41. I want to give this to my daughter in law who loves wine, but hates getting the cork out.

  42. This is the perfect gift for the wine drinker on your Christmas list.

  43. Oh my gosh…how easy to open wine. This would be a great gift for my brother and SIL!

  44. Jenny Stanek says:

    I don’t drink much wine but this would be a perfect gift for my best friend!

  45. we drink a lot of wine – this would be awesome

  46. Anonymous says:

    We do not drink much wine but when we do this would be fantastic to have.

  47. melissa says:

    not much of a drinker but this sounds like a great gadget to have for when company comes over

  48. I can’t drink because of my health but if I did, this would definitely be something I would buy

  49. Shelbie Johnston says:

    Just what I need, something to make me get at my wine faster LOL LOVE THIS!!!

  50. Sara Wood says:

    I don’t drink alot of wine but my husband does and he would love this.

  51. tannawings says:

    Opening wine bottles is always a chore so I rarely drink it, this would make life easier!

  52. A Roach says:

    I have always wanted one of these!

  53. TrinityMachael says:

    I don’t drink a lot of wine but this would be awesome to have for friends who drink wine at our house.

  54. Susan Wilder says:

    Love this Wine Opener!!


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