Rock Your Style with Sears #styleSurprise

When it comes to fashion sometimes picking out the right outfit can be challenging. And with the holidays upon us there are parties and events that require us to dress up and try and look our best. Sometimes that can be daunting. But with the right tools you can find the perfect outfit to rock your style.

I cringe every time I have to go pick out an outfit for a specific event. I’m more interested in shopping for fun without an actual purpose. I can take my time, create an outfit at my own pace and mix and match styles already in my closet.

Rock Your Style with Sears Shop Your Way

When options run out and I need an outfit I turn to a few great tips I’ve learned:

Don’t Start At The Clearance Racks

While you can probably find a few diamonds in the rough on the clearance rack, you might settle for something that doesn’t quite fit right or isn’t the right color just because it’s priced low. You can browse around for a few finishing pieces if you already have the look you wanted but don’t depend on clearance prices to build a great outfit.

Do Check Out The Mannequins

I am no fashionista but the first thing I do when I go into a store shopping for an outfit is check out the mannequins. I mean they were styled to sell the clothes, right? So why not gain inspiration from the pieces there and find something that matches your style. Or do what I sometimes do and copy the look completely!

Don’t Look At Sizes

One thing I’m constantly frustrated with is that one brand’s sizing will fit perfectly while another seems completely off. Not only is it frustrating but if you try and squeeze into a piece of clothing because “it’s your size” you might not look the way you wanted to. The way a piece of clothing fits and feels is much more important than the number on the tag.

Do Ask For Help

One thing I always try and do when I’m searching for a specific occasion is grab a sales associate and let them know I need help. I tell them what event I’m shopping for and what look I want to achieve. With those two things in mind (as well as my sizes) I’m usually given 3-4 outfits or various pieces to try on to find the perfect look for myself. So helpful and so much time saved searching the racks!

Rock Your Style

With these tips in mind I’ve been in search of the perfect holiday outfit for a few causal parties we’ve been invited to this year. I needed a top that was a bit dressy but would go perfectly with my favorite Lee jeans and boots (an early Christmas gift to myself). Rock your style with these simple but stunning looks I found at Sears.

Rock your Style with Sears Shop Your Way

This Gloria Vanderbuit Women’s Plus Tunic Top in Persian Gold was the first thing my eyes spotted while shopping at Sears. Not only is it the perfect length to pair with my jeans, it also flatters my body type. And the color is just gorgeous for the holidays! With a few simple gold pieces and my new dark brown boots I’d be ready to take on any holiday party.

Rock your Style with Sears Shop Your Way

I’m also a sucker for black. There’s just something about that classic color. The slimming effects, the simplistic beauty. This Gloria Vanderbuilt Women’s Plus Solid Studded Top also adds a bit of bling to my outfit with the gorgeous applique on the neckline. With a neckline like this all I have to worry about are earrings and a great bracelet to pair with this outfit. And my tan pumps!

Visit Sears for more everyday fashion inspiration.

Sears Holiday #styleSurprise Sweepstakes

Want to be able to purchase these awesome tops and more? Why not enter the Sears Holiday #styleSurprise Sweepstakes for your chance to win $5,000 worth of Shop Your Way Points! Entering is easy and takes only a few minutes to complete.

You can find more information about the #styleSurprise Sweepstakes by watching the video below:

 What would you buy with $5,000 SYW Points?

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, I am a Sears blogger, though all opinions are my own.

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  1. Jenilee
    Twitter: SixInTheNest

    Oh man. I so break the rules. I ALWAYS shop clearance racks. It’s hard to pay full price when there are some great discounted items!
    Jenilee recently posted..Get a smile with Transformers! #HasbroKREO #sponMy Profile

  2. It honestly depends on where I am shopping if I will just look around until I find something or will head straight to the clearance rack. I generally wind up with a mix of on sale and not on sale items but if it looks great and has a specific purpose I am not a slave to having to be on sale. But I agree no matter what you choose it should look great on you and make you feel happy to wear it.
    Felissa (Two Little Cavaliers) recently posted..Writers Wanted!My Profile

  3. Amber Edwards says:

    Those are great tips! Man, If I won that sweepstakes; i would get myself a complete new wardrobe! I am in a place right now where nothing I own fits right. I have lost 17 lbs and my pants are way too big; but the next size down that I currently own are still too tight. I need some stylish clothes (ie; not sweats) in a size that will fit me and make me look good; so I can show off my new weight loss!

  4. Great tips! I’m a sucker for black too. And yes, very biased towards darker shades of red! (Unfortunately I love the clearance racks too much to make a diversion ;>)

  5. Great tips! I am so guilty of copying what’s on the mannequins.
    Angela recently posted..Mini Cinnamon Rolls Christmas Tree RecipeMy Profile

  6. Jessica A
    Twitter: ThenWere4

    I have the worst time not looking at the sizes.. I have a mental block every time I go shopping and never like to go past a certain size, no matter the fit. It’s ridiculous! Thanks for the tips! 🙂
    Jessica A recently posted..Cypher Kids Club Augmented Reality Cards and Apps #CBias #CypherKidsClubMy Profile

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