Family Wellness: Taking Care Of Mom

Being sick sucks. Being sick as a mom sucks even worse. Because mom’s don’t get breaks. This sponsored post shares how I take care of me even when I’m caring for the rest of the family at the same time with help from Zarbee’s.

Family Wellness- Taking Care Of Mom

So as I mentioned yesterday, our whole family has been sick quite a few times over this summer. We’re currently dealing with a double ear infection with my middle child and a respiratory infection in my husband. Plus the baby has been congested at night and snotty during the day. Not fun when trying to prepare for sending the kids back to school next week.

And with the to-do list that never ends lately, I just can’t risk getting sick too. So I need to make sure to take care of myself while I’m caring for my family. What does that mean? Prevention. Just like we work on making sure we are preventing sickness with the kids by washing hands, sticking to regular check ups, and eating healthy(ish) foods, I also have to do the same thing.

But working from home and caring for an infant leaves little room for extra time to prepare for these things. So organization is key. And having a secret weapon in my medicine cabinet can also help!

Family Wellness Taking Care Of Mom - Zarbee's Naturals

Family Wellness: Taking Care Of Mom


I don’t know about you but whenever I get really stressed for a while, I always get sick shortly after. In an effort to not overbook our family, and lessen the stress on myself, I keep a family calendar through Google calendars. It’s awesome because I can add every member’s event or activity and it’ll be color coded to that member of the family. I can put all of my PTG meetings in, my son’s extracurricular activities, and my daughter’s playdates. I even add in when my husband is off work (he’s off every other Friday) so I know when I can rely on him to help out with pick up and drop off at school.

As soon as we know about an event, I bring up my calendar (either on our computer at home or on my phone) and check to see if we have another event. Then I make sure to put all of the details in right at that moment so we don’t forget. I even add my husband as a guest so it shows up on his calendar on his phone too. That way everyone has a reminder!

Meal Planning

Eating healthy keeps me and my family healthy. And that means that I need to meal plan so we don’t end up going out and eating take out every night. Now meal planning doesn’t have to be difficult. By choosing a day during the week – ours is Sunday – to go through the ads and coupons, plan out what we’ll eat over the course of the next week, and then shop together, we can make sure we have everything on hand for healthy meals throughtout the week.

Then when we get home we do all the prep we can to ensure that the healthy food we purchased will be eaten during the week we purchased it. No wasting in this house! That means bagging up veggies in snack bags for the kids to grab on the go, prepping meals in bags (like our slow cooker freezer bags) to be used throughout the week. We even schedule what days we’ll eat out to save money and budget properly.

Vitamins & Supplements

Now I haven’t always been someone to take vitamins or suppliments. But as I get older I’m starting to realize their purpose. In addition to continuing to take my pre-natals (still breastfeeding), I have also started to use suppliments when needed. Not only to they give me a little needed boost when I’m starting to feel a little under the weather or tired, but  they calm me down at night so I can get enough sleep.

When I first started looking at suppliments I started to get overwhelmed. But then I found Zarbee’s line of vitamins and nutrients and it got a bit easier. And since I already used the brand for my kids, I definitely trusted them for my needs.

Family Wellness Taking Care Of Mom with Zarbee's Antioxidant Support with Honey

Zarbee’s Vitamin Drink Mixes

Zarbee’s Vitamin Drink Mixes make a healthy habit, taking your vitamins every day, easier and more delicious than ever. Each mix is made of handpicked ingredients formulated to do it all from supporting your immune system to helping you relax after a busy day, so you can better share your healthy lifestyle with others. The powder blends dissolve quickly in water—simply open, pour, stir, and enjoy.

A few things to know about Zarbee’s Vitamin Drink Mixes:

  • They can be mixed with hot or cold water depending on the blend
  •  They can be enjoyed daily
  • They’re made with natural flavors and sweeteners
  • They are gluten free and do not include any drugs or alcohol
  • They feature handpicked, natural ingredients like inulin from chicory root, ginger, chamomile, and honey
  • They’re available exclusively at Target as part of the Made to Matter program. You can find them in the immunity section.

My current favorite? The antioxidant Support with Honey. I’m starting to feel a sore throat coming on and the honey is the perfect ingredient to help. Plus the warm drink is apple spice flavored and reminds me of a hot apple cider. So good!

When I take care of myself, I can take care of everyone else! No one wants mom to get sick.

Family Wellness Taking Care Of Mom - Zarbee's Antioxidant Support with Honey

How do you stay well when caring for your sick loved ones?

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