Curly Hair Tips for Kids - get a good leave in conditioner and detangler

How To Tame The Mane: Curly Hair Tips for Kids

I participated in an Ambassador Program on behalf of Influence Central for SoCozy. I received Target gift cards to facilitate my review and thank me for my participation. This girl. She's full of, spunk, sass, and always on the go. She's also blessed with a curly mane of hair that has been the source of our arguements every single morning. Until we found the right tools to take care of her hair. Learning how to properly care for my kids hair is important to me because I want them to … [Read More]

Creating a Workout Routine Post Baby

Creating a Workout Routine Post Baby + Tools To Help

I am part of the Microsoft Blogger Program and receive incentives from Microsoft to blog about its products. It's hard to believe that my little angel is 7 weeks old already! Over the past few weeks we've been able to find a new rhythm in our home now that we're a family of 5 and I've been using the tools I have on hand to make life easier. One thing I've found difficult is finding the time to jump into a new workout routine. For some reason now that I've taken over school pick up and … [Read More]


Marvel Universe LIVE! in San Diego April 16-19 + A Giveaway

Marvel fans, assemble! Marvel Universe LIVE! is taking the live entertainment experience to a whole new groundbreaking level, with a mind-blowing stunt show unlike anything experienced before! Watch your favorite Marvel Super Heroes including Spider-Man and The Avengers (Iron Man, Black Widow, Hulk and more) plus menacing Villains come to life in an action-packed arena extravaganza, coming to San Diego for the first time ever, April 16-19, playing seven performances at the Valley View Casino … [Read More]

Creating a Soothing Experience with Soothe - In Home Massage Service

Creating a Soothing Experience with Soothe {In Home Massage Service}

I am most definitely all for finding a little time for oneself to relax and regroup. As a busy mom I've never had a hard time letting my support system know that I need a break. That can be anything from needing to go exercise or take a walk to going to get a massage or pedicure to relax. And luckily I have the support I need to take the kids for a bit so that I can do this. Now with a newborn it's a little harder but I'm not going to let that stop me. And for those who might not have the … [Read More]


31 Pies for Pi Day

Pi Day is right around the corner and this year it's a pretty exciting one and Pi enthusiests are prepping for their Pi celebrations due to the fact that not only is it 3/14 this year, it's 3/14/15! That's representing the first 5 digits of π: 3.1415. But that's not the most exciting part. In the year 2015, Pi Day will also have special significance on 3/14/15 at 9:26:53 a.m. and p.m., with the date and time representing the first 10 digits of π. So whether you're a mathmatician or simply … [Read More]


Making A Smooth Transition From Two To Three Kids

Making A Smooth Transition From Two To Three Kids

Follow This post featuring how we’re making a smooth transition from two to three kids is sponsored by Graco®.  After having our second child we thought we were done having kids. Two was the perfect amount and we were blessed to have both a boy and a girl. But once my daughter hit age 3, […]

5 Tips for Making Date Night a Priority

5 Tips for Making Date Night a Priority

Follow Are you a couple who keeps pushing date night further and further into the calendar? It’s important for couples to have that time alone. Instead of putting it on the backburner, use these tips to make date night a priority. Date night doesn’t have to take a back seat and these tips are living […]

Gardening with Kids

Great Tips for Gardening With Kids

Follow We’re starting to plan what we’re going to plant in our raised bed for spring right now and can’t wait to get our hands dirty. One of the best parts about gardening, for me, is the fact that the kids get involved in every step from planning, planting, and growing. Over the years of […]

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