DIY Nebula in a Jar Necklace

This DIY nebula in a jar necklace tutorial is a fun and easy way to get your daughter involved in STEM based crafts. Thanks to the Biocom Institute Festival of Science & Engineering San Diego for partnering with us on this craft! This post contains affiliate links. All opinions are 100% my own. 

DIY Nebula in a Jar Necklace Tutorial

We’re pretty big on STEM learning here. With a passion for sharing the love of science, technology, engineering, and math with our kids, we’re always trying to figure out how to incorporate STEM activities in our daily lives. Now that school is out and the kids are home for the summer (with some fun camps sprinkled throughout) we’re ramping up our STEM summer fun with the help of Biocom Institute Festival of Science & Engineering San Diego’s Third Annual Summer STEM Challenge.  

Have you heard about this STEM Challenge? 

According to the National Summer Learning Association, all young people experience learning losses when they do not engage in educational activities during the summer…and most students lose about two months of grade level equivalency in math skills over the summer months! Programs such as the “Summer STEM Challenge” focus on keeping students engaged in educational activities, encouraging students and their families to participate in productive activities that keep STEM skills in tip-top shape even during the summer break.

You can find out more about this great program at the bottom of the post (along with links on how to get to more fun activities and crafts for your kids). But for now let’s make some nebula in a jar necklaces

This craft was great for STEM learning because it opened up the doors of communication with my kids about space, stars, and constellations. Not only did we talk about where stars came from (nebulas – which lead to a whole other conversation about the birds and the bees) but we waited until dark to count the stars and find constellations. We also talked about the full moon and moon cycles since we just had a full moon. 

DIY Nebula in a Jar Necklace with stopper

DIY Nebula in a Jar Necklace

What you’ll need: 

DIY Nebula in a Jar Necklace supplies

What you do: 

1. Cut cotton balls in small strips and set aside. 

2. Add water to the jar, about 1/3 of the way up. 

3. Using the small stick, add a few drops of one color paint to the jar then add some cotton ball pieces to fill up 1/2 of the jar. 

DIY Nebula in a Jar Necklace - use a syringe to add water DIY Nebula in a Jar Necklace - use a stick to add paint and cotton ball

4. Sprinkle in some glitter. 

5. Add a few drops of the contrasting color paint and some more cotton. 

6. Fill with water but not to the top. Leave room for the stopper. 

DIY Nebula in a Jar Necklace close up DIY Nebula in a Jar Necklace add glitter DIY Nebula in a Jar Necklace glue stopper to bottle

7. Grab the glue and the stopper with eyelet. Add a dab of glue to the eyelet and screw into stopper. 

8. Add glue to stopper making sure to cover all around the bottom 1/2 of the stopper that will be touching the jar when inserted in. 

9. Place the stopper in the jar and let dry for 24 hours. 

10. Add jar to necklace cord and put on! 

DIY Nebula in a Jar Necklace craft

3rd Annual Summer STEM Challenge

The third annual Summer STEM Challenge hosted by the Biocom Institute Festival of Science & Engineering San Diego in partnership with ViaSat, Inc. happening now through Aug. 19, 2016. And it’s a great way to keep your restless kiddos excited and busy before they head back to school.

This year’s space-themed challenge encourages pre-K through 12th grade students and their parents throughout San Diego County to participate in ‘do-it- yourself’ science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) projects and experiments using everyday household items.

In following the space-related theme, organizers plan to feature daily STEM projects, such as Fizzing Planets and Straw Rockets to Marshmallow Constellations and Solar Ovens, on their social media channels and in bi-weekly emails, providing plenty of ideas for student participants to keep their brains stimulated throughout the summer break – avoiding the “summer slide.” Students are encouraged to submit a summary of their completed DIY projects with pictures, videos or other relevant materials for review.

At the beginning of September 2016, winners from each schooling level (pre-K, elementary, middle and high school) will be chosen by the Education Committee and Management Team of the Biocom Institute Festival of Science & Engineering. Winners will be awarded fun prize baskets with STEM-related activities donated from the Festival’s collaborators and exhibitors. Prizes will include science experiment kits, passes to local STEM attractions, tours of local science and space companies, and more.

You can find more information here or by following along at @loveSTEMsd on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.

And don’t forget to tune in to San Diego Fox 5’s segment on August 2nd at the 9am news hour when I’ll be on-air sharing some great STEM crafts you can do with your child this summer. 

How do you promote STEM learning with your daughter? 

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